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Question of the week

April 19, 2015

“Is your hope in this life only, or is it well founded in the
resurrection of Christ and his promise of eternal life?”






Services Available

bullet Attorneys
bullet Van Service
bullet Family, Friends and Chicken Soup
bullet Nursery
bullet Listening Devices

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Parish attorneys meet with parishioners the first and third Thursday evenings of the month to address their legal questions, their rights and their responsibilities. Call the parish office to make an appointment.


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Van Service
Van service is available for 8 a.m. Mass on Sundays and holy days depending on your geographic location. Call the parish office for details.


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Family, Friends and Chicken Soup
A ministry comprised of volunteers who provide practical, non-medical assistance to those who are alone, recuperating or frail and trying to age in place in their own homes, as well as families in need. Volunteers drive people to the grocery, doctor’s appointments or therapy, run errands, provide a meals when someone is ill injured or recuperating, visit a homebound person, provide respite for a caregiver and other practical services. All members are registered, fingerprinted parishioners, Our priority is our parishioners but we are willing to assist non-parishioners as well. Please call Pegge Stickel (407-629-9699) or the church office (407-647-3392) for help or to volunteer. . Click here for a Farmily, Friends and Chicken Soup Sign-up Form.

Click here to read the Family Friends and Chicken Soup Newsletters.

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Listening Devices
Helps parishioners hear the Mass clearly. This wireless system allows individuals to hear whatever is picked up by the sound system of the Church and the Parish Hall, at whatever level necessary. The system may be used at any location in the Church or Parish Hall. Each device costs the parish $75; whatever one can pay towards that is acceptable and used devices are available at no charge. Call the parish office.

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