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April 26, 2015

Good News…the sacrificial lamb becomes the Good
Shepherd; the rejected stone becomes the cornerstone.
What image of Christ resonates with you this Easter season?






Stewardship and Development

Bill Timmes: 407-647-3392

Stewardship: A Definition
Many people believe stewardship is just about the money! "Oh, no," they say. "All they want to do when they talk about stewardship is to get more money out of us!" But stewardship is about a lot more than money. In fact, those knowledgeable frequently wish they could use a different term than stewardship when discussing this concept. Because what stewardship is really about is discipleship, which is a call to follow Jesus and to imitate his way of life. To follow him and imitate his way of life is a challenging concept--to be a good steward is just as challenging.

So, who is a Christian steward? A steward is one who receives God's gifts gratefully, cherishes and tends them in justice and love with others, and returns them with increase to the Lord. This isn't a hard concept--it's easy enough to grasp. But it has profound implications for your life if you explore the fullness of its meaning.

So the next time someone talks about stewardship, listen with your heart inclined toward discipleship. You might learn that it's not just about the money!

Bulletin Articles

1st Sunday of Lent
“U.S. Catholic” has a great article this month titled “Don’t Give Up NOTHING This Lent,” by Fr. Paul Boudreau, a frequent contributor to the magazine. He relates traveling out to a playa (a dry lake) in Death Valley, California where he found—nothing. No living thing, no sound, not even a wind—nothing, except the presence of God. He writes, “In the middle of the playa, there’s nothing but you and God. God’s face appears in brown and blue; God’s presence is felt in the overwhelming solitude; and God’s voice is heard in the deep, unyielding silence.” He concludes that God is easiest to find in the opposite of the ordinary—his voice in silence, his presence in solitude. Fr. Boudreau’s point is that what we really need to give up during Lent is not some material thing like chocolate, or television, or some bad habit, but rather ourselves, our ego, which keeps us from hearing the voice of God, from sensing His presence. A sure and certain way to give up self is to give of yourself to others. Consider making that kind of resolution for Lent this year—to visit the sick, or help with a Habitat house, or participate in any of the other ministries or charities St. Margaret Mary parish sponsors or hosts. You’ll come closer to God if you do, without having to travel into the desert.


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