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April 19, 2015

“Is your hope in this life only, or is it well founded in the
resurrection of Christ and his promise of eternal life?”






Support Groups

bullet AA (Alcohololics Anonymous)
bullet Bereavement Ministry
bullet Bereavement Support Group
bullet Cancer Support
bullet Caregiver Support Ministry
bullet Marriage Support
bullet Post Abortion Counseling
bullet Catholic Ministry for Separated and Divorced

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AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)


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Bereavement Ministry
The Bereavement Ministry provides support during the difficult time of losing a loved one. Assistance is offered in planning the funeral liturgy, coordinating activities with the church, funeral home, musicians and celebrant. In this way, families are enabled to plan a service that is personal, meaningful and comforting to them. Contact Debbie Benson at 407-647-3392 for more information.

Debbie Benson Cross Sharon Wess

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Bereavement Support Group
“Blessed Are You Who Mourn, For You Shall Be Comforted” - A Bereavement Support Group that meets for 6 consecutive weeks is usually offered in the spring and in the fall. You may call Sharon at 407 998-5660 or email for more information and upcoming dates. We welcome anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one and invite you to call whenever there is a need. We are here to offer hope, strength and consolation during this difficult time.

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 Cancer Support Group
“We do not journey alone”. This ministry supports the cancer patient in treatment and the cancer survivor with prayer and the opportunity to share their stories in a sacred and confidential space. Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 10:00am to 11:30am in the Family Life Center.

Contact: Sharon Wess 407 998-5660

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Caregiver Support Ministry
For those who are the primary caregiver for a family member or loved one in their home or facility. Caregivers struggle to balance caregiving with other responsibilities including jobs and caring for children. Time away, even a short time, can help the caregiver care for themselves. The focus is on support, prayer, and time to share. Meetings are once a month on the fourth Tuesday from 10:00am to 11:30am in the Family Life Center.
Contact: Sharon Wess 407 998-5660

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Marriages in trouble:
Don’t Let Your Marriage … Break Your Heart!

Retrouvaille can help rediscover what you once had.  Retrouvaille is a Diocese-sponsored program to restore communication and trust in marriage.  If you feel frustrated, hurt and angry with each other; if you feel trapped by frequent conflict and don't know where to turn; please know this program has helped thousands of couples.  Even if you are separated or divorced - or are thinking about it - call and give yourselves another chance.  You and your relationship deserve it.  For more information or registration call (407) 977-8136.  All calls are strictly confidential.
       If you know a couple in a hurting marriage, give the family the gift of love and tell them about this program.  Retrouvaille welcomes all couples in struggling relationships who want to save their marriages.  And check our website at

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Post Abortion Counseling (Project Rachel): If you or someone you know is suffering from the trauma of abortion call 407-277-7266 for free, confidential assistance. You may also contact any of our priests. Call the parish office for an appointment.

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Catholic Ministry for Separated and Divorced
For all who are separated or divorced: Peer led, support group open to all every first and third Friday night from 7-9pm in the Family Life Center. For more info contact the Family Life Office at 407-645-0284, or

For Adolescents:
Spectrum is a 12 week peer support group for adolescents that deals with issues of loss from changes in the family. Groups are hosted by various parishes in the diocese.

The Family Life Office
of the Diocese of Orlando: 407-246-4867

Diocese of Orlando Family Life website

For Children:
Rainbows - Guiding Kids Through Life’s Storms.Rainbows is a 12-week support group for children ages 5-13 who are dealing with loss through separation, divorce, death or other painful transition. Groups are hosted by various parishes in the diocese.

The Family Life Office
of the Diocese of Orlando: 407-285-4865.

For all who are divorced and want a structured, Catholic, curriculum-based class:

Divorce Care Logo

Divorce Care Support Image

Divorce is like a tornado—ripping through your life, threatening to destroy everything in its path. The emotional whirlwinds bring fear, confusion, and despair, affecting you, your children, family members, and friends. You will likely wonder Why did this storm hit my life and why does it hurt so much? To find hope and healing consider our next Divorce Care class.

For all who are experiencing separation or divorce. 13 week class offered once in the fall and once in the spring; usually, Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30.
Cost: $30 per person for 13 weeks; including workbook.

To sign up now for the next class: email or call 407-645-0284 for more info.

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