Noah’s Pudding

Sunday, October 29 following the 9:30 Mass, (Antioch and Damascus Rooms)

You are invited by St. Margaret Mary's Peace and Justice Committee and members of the Atlantic Institute, a local nonprofit promoting interfaith connections between Muslims and communities from other religious traditions, for a simple visit in which we share a treat called "Noah's Pudding." Asure is a custom celebrated annually in Turkey which signifies various events, particularly the day Noah's Ark landed on dry land. Asure focuses on promoting friendship, good relations between neighbors and universal peace and understanding. In Turkey a traditional dish called Noah’s pudding symbolizes the celebratory meal Noah and his family had when they disembarked and serves as a sign of community, peace, and a bright future.

Join us for a time of sharing and fellowship. RSVP to Meghan 407-265-0357 or