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vacation-cupAs a parish, we pray that the Lord will provide vocations to the priesthood, religious life, diaconate and brotherhood as well as to the married and single vocations. Three aids to such prayer are a prayer-card included in our parish hymnals and available at the entrances of the church and chapel, the Elijah Cup program and First Friday “Eucharistic Adoration”.

Participants in the Elijah Cup program receive the cup and other resources at Sunday Mass, place it in a special area of the home and use it as a focal point for prayer each day of the week. Eucharistic Adoration starts after 8 am Mass First Friday morning and ends at noon on Saturday.

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The Elijah Cup - Kristie Altman (407) 647-5171
Eucharistic Adoration - Jill Thagard (407) 644-7834
Fr. Leo Hodges, St. Margaret Mary Catholic School Distiguised Graduate

Fr. Leo preaches during Mass and is recognized for his distinguished service to the Catholic Church and community through his vocation to the Priesthood.


Opportunities for men and women, both young and mature, for considering a vocation are regularly offered by the Diocese of Orlando. Monthly Discernment meetings provide occasions in which options regarding the priesthood and other vocations are discussed in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere; discernment gatherings for women and periodic “Nun Runs” during which young women visit a variety of religious communities are also available. The Vocation Committee frequently alerts parishioners of coming vocation events in our Sunday Bulletin and is available for any assistance needed for attending.

Contact Information:

Men’s Vocations
Rev. Jorge Torres (407) 246-4875

Women’s Vocations
Sister Kathleen Power (407) 246-4875

Vocation Committee Assistance
Stephen Deighan (407) 998-5660


The Vocation Committee sponsors an annual Vocation Essay Contest for young men and women each fall. The objective is to stimulate vocations and to provide an opportunity for entrants to consider their future whether in the priesthood, religious life, married or single state. Separate contests are offered to different age groups and winners have the opportunity to read their essays at Sunday Masses and are awarded a cash prize.

Kristie Altman (407) 647-5171


As a means of helping parents in their efforts to guide their children in the search for their vocation in life, the Vocation Committee sponsors a “Parent’s Night” in the Spring of the year. Speakers from religious life and married life as well as from the fields of education and counseling are invited to present and to provide helpful, practical tips on this aspect of child-rearing. Presentations are followed by a question and answer session and an open discussion between the attendees and the presenters.
Dan Gorman  (407) 622-6677