The 7th Station: Jesus Falls the Second Time

Presider: We adore You O Christ, and we praise You. (genuflect)
All: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.


Even with the help of Simon, Jesus falls for a second time. His mortal body is failing him from the torture of His scourging and from the pure exhaustion of carrying the heavy cross.  As our Lord falls again, the cross crushes His scourged and beaten back and pushes the crown of thorns deeper into His skull as He crashes to the ground. In complete agony, Jesus slowly raises his eyes toward heaven, knowing He must somehow rise and continue, in order to do His Father’s will.   


What struggle or sin causes me to fall? Think about how your sins add to the weight of Jesus’ cross.  What habitual sins do I have in my life, and how am I actively working to overcome them? Do I pray for strength and guidance, or try to go it alone? Am I making progress?  What can I do differently if there is little or no improvement?


Take time to do a thorough examination of conscience, and then go to confession together with your family.


Lord Jesus, we so often fall as we carry the weight of our cross, especially in times of trial and temptation. O, Holy Spirit, enlighten my mind, guide me and soften my heart, so that I can know my sins and be truly sorry for them. Give me courage and conviction to make a good confession with a well examined soul and a humble, contrite heart. Amen.

BY: Steve Lincourt, Cursillo

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