A Prodigious Love: The Risk of Love

God took a risk when he created the world and populated it with people who have free will and the freedom to reject his love.

God also took a risk when he sent his Son into the world, only to see the people he created angrily execute the source of their salvation.

God again took a risk when he established his Church, knowing that throughout the centuries many church members would fail to remember the Church's mission.

Today after all our failures God continues to take risks in order to keep a promise made by his Son at the Last Supper: "And I will ask the Father, and he will send you another Advocate to be with you."

Love cannot be forced.  It cannot be required. As the ultimate source of perfect love, God freely offers his love and waits patiently for ours.

Perhaps that is why when his  resurrected Son said to his disciples, "And behold I am with you always until the end of time," God had already decided that his Church and his people were worth the risk.