A Prodigious Love: You Are My God

At the close of the Year of the Eucharist we offer this final "A Prodigious Love" reflection.

The title of our series of reflections was drawn from the final scene of the play "Damien" about the life of St. Damien, the priest who dedicated his life to sharing Christ's love with the lepers of Molokai.

The play ends with Damien, who was troubled by doubts after being criticized by his bishop, offering a final prayer to God.  He prays:

One word, and all these doubts will vanish like smoke before the wind.  One word. . .

But if it is the doubts themselves that come between me and my Lord, I cast them out.  In your name oh sweet Lord Jesus Christ, I cast them out.

And I know that whatever I may have done for good or ill, I am still your priest.  I trust in your prodigious love.

You're the Christ.

And you are my God!