Adventuring thru Advent

Advent is a time of patient waiting for the coming of the Lord.  It is also a time of ‘adventuring’ deeper into our relationship with God as individuals, as a family and as a community.

We want to present you with this list of creative activities from which you can choose some or all to do.  Our purpose in presenting these activities is threefold:

  1. To enrich our 2021 Advent/Christmas experience
  2. To energize our faith traditions and practices
  3. To engage our family and community in our intentional preparation for Advent.

Our hope is that the St. Margaret Mary Parish community can truly celebrate the greatest gift we have, the presence of Jesus Christ among us as one of us.

Create an Advent Wreath for your home. 

Be inspired by this video of Parishioner Mary Margaret Vasquez explaining the symbolism of the Advent Wreath and sharing creative suggestions on how to make your own. Share your creation with your Parish community on-line by sending a photo of your family’s Advent Wreath for posting on our website to: [email protected], OR post your wreath photo on your social media using #SMMAdvent.  Weekly prayers as you light each candle can be found on our website. Here are some simple prayers to say each week when we light the Advent wreath.

Sourcing list:

Blessing of the Advent Wreath

When the blessing of the Advent Wreath is celebrated in the home, it is appropriate that it be blessed by a parent or another member of the family.

Leader: Lord our God, we praise you for your Son, Jesus Christ: he is Emmanuel, the hope of the peoples, he is the wisdom that teaches and guides us, he is the Savior of every nation. Lord God, let your blessing come upon us as we light the candles of this wreath. May the wreath and its light be a sign of Christ’s promise to bring us salvation. May he come quickly and not delay. We ask this through Christ our Lord. READ MORE.


Advent Meditations

Rejoice! Advent Meditations with the Holy Family is a prayer resource with daily meditations that will enrich your Advent by inviting you to experience the first Advent with Joseph and Mary, as they await the birth of their son, the Savior of the world. The program includes weekly videos (free), as well as a journal of daily reflections that can be purchased from Ascension Press.

Outreach & Connect

Advent Yard Signs

Available for purchase. Order online and pick up here at St. Margaret Mary. $5 per sign. Buy 2: one for your  yard and one to give to a neighbor with promises of prayers for them. Proceeds go to our Haiti Ministry.

Order Here.



We have added additional Confession times during Advent see them at: