Cold & Flu Season

The Diocesan Office of Liturgy offers the following suggestions regarding the Sign of Peace and Communion from the Cup or Chalice during the cold and flu season.

It is the decision of each individual communicant to receive the Precious Blood. Always keep in mind that some communicants may ONLY receive from the cup because of particular medical conditions. Those who suspect symptoms that may signal impending flu or cold should refrain from receiving the Precious Blood and receive only the Body of Christ in the species of the consecrated host until the person is well again.

During the sign of peace, those who would prefer not to engage in physical contact with another person have the following options available to them:

  • Make a reverential bow of the head to the people around you and say, “Peace be with you.”
  • Simply say “Peace be with you” without any gesture.

Personal prudence and responsibility should always prevail when individuals are experiencing illness or a compromised immune system.