Parish Focus on the Eucharist

Eucharistic theme for this Ordinary Time
The Eucharist:   Belonging to Christ

“Who do you say that I am?”

It is doubtful that Peter was surprised by the question that Jesus asked him.   Nor should we be surprised.  There comes a point when we too must answer:  Who is Jesus to us?    “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God,” Peter replied.

But this is no “naming” contest.   It is more about “claiming.”   It is about relationship, about a heart open to embracing the presence of Another.   It is about becoming increasingly aware that we have no solitary existence; our very identity is that we belong to Christ.

The Eucharist draws us more deeply into the experience of Belonging to Christ.  The Word of God, proclaimed in Scripture, enters our hearts and turns us toward Him, refocusing our lives in His presence.  We look to Him and He returns our gaze with His invitation, His intimate command, “This is My body, broken for you.  Take and eat.  This is My blood, shed for you.  Take and drink.”    In faith we do what He asks; and we become one with Him to whom we belong.

During our celebrations of Eucharist this season, we focus on our growing awareness of our Belonging to Christ.  We continue to welcome His presence, becoming the disciples we are called to be.

Be a Eucharist Prayer

Heavenly Father,
At our wondrous birth,
You invite us to be a
part of Your body.

We praise You
for Your Gift of
the Bread from Heaven
divine in Your Son, Jesus.

At Your table, You offer us
to take and eat the Eucharist,
to receive Jesus
in the depth of our soul.

Your prescient love
fills the longing of our heart
and we journey in hope –
strangers no longer.

In this sacred mystery,
You call us to
to do for others
as You have done.

Transfigured by Your holy Spirit
we promise to be Your Eucharist
to one another that all will know You
until the end of the age.


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