Parish Focus on the Eucharist

Eucharistic theme for the season of Easter: Bearing Witness to the Mercy of God

What the world needs now…. … is a flood of Divine Mercy. Divine Mercy is what Pope St. John Paul II said was the focal point of his ministry and the image that formed his papacy. While speaking of the hesitancy of our contemporary cultures to even use the word mercy, he challenged our world and our church to welcome the blessings of mercy both in our personal lives and in our cultures.

We not only welcome mercy but we are called to be instruments of mercy to others. Listen to what Pope John Paul wrote in his encyclical, Rich in Mercy: “The Church of our time, constantly pondering the sufferings of the great human family, must become more particularly and profoundly conscious of the need to bear witness in her whole mission to God's mercy.”

Pope John Paul then points to the Eucharist, where we encounter “a love which is more powerful than death.” Jesus offers a love more powerful than death, and through the Easter Resurrection, His merciful love is showered on the entire world.

This Easter season, we are blessed and challenged both individually and as a community to “Bear Witness to the Mercy of God.”

Be a Eucharist Prayer

Heavenly Father,
At our wondrous birth,
You invite us to be a
part of Your body.

We praise You
for Your Gift of
the Bread from Heaven
divine in Your Son, Jesus.

At Your table, You offer us
to take and eat the Eucharist,
to receive Jesus
in the depth of our soul.

Your prescient love
fills the longing of our heart
and we journey in hope –
strangers no longer.

In this sacred mystery,
You call us to
to do for others
as You have done.

Transfigured by Your holy Spirit
we promise to be Your Eucharist
to one another that all will know You
until the end of the age.



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