Parish Focus on the Eucharist

The Lenten season beckons us; it always does.   When we listen, we are renewed.   When we respond, we are made holy.

This Lent has particular importance for us this year at St. Margaret Mary parish;  we are beginning our 3-year focus on the beautiful gift of the Eucharist.   When we open our hearts to the Eucharist, and especially as we listen during this Lenten season, we discover that through the Eucharist, we are called to holiness.

In the words of Pope Benedict, “The Eucharist is at the root of every form of holiness, and each of us is called to the fullness of life in the Holy Spirit.”

With this Lenten season, listen as the Lord calls you to holiness through the Eucharist.  Listen as the Sunday gospels teach us the way to holiness as they reveal Christ’s love for the woman at the well, the man born blind, and in the raising of beloved Lazarus from the dead.

As our parish begins this new focus on the Eucharist, we are full of hope that we will listen to how it calls us to holiness.   And we have Christ’s assurance that His love will fill our community with blessings.

Be a Eucharist Prayer

Heavenly Father,
At our wondrous birth,
You invite us to be a
part of Your body.

We praise You
for Your Gift of
the Bread from Heaven
divine in Your Son, Jesus.

At Your table, You offer us
to take and eat the Eucharist,
to receive Jesus
in the depth of our soul.

Your prescient love
fills the longing of our heart
and we journey in hope –
strangers no longer.

In this sacred mystery,
You call us to
to do for others
as You have done.

Transfigured by Your holy Spirit
we promise to be Your Eucharist
to one another that all will know You
until the end of the age.


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