For Your Marriage

In Harry Harrison’s book, 1001 Things Happy Couples Know About Marriage he says:

“Marriage is about the only thing you can do for fifty years and still not be good at! Indeed many  people are better at marriage at the beginning than at the end. So what’s the secret? Actually, there’s no “the” secret, but here are some things that can help determine your level of happiness and success.

SMM Couples Submit Responses to our new series: “Things Happy Couples Know About Marriage.”

You need to know “that some "fusses" are not about you, but are a response to an outside stress - real or imagined - and maybe unrecognized.  Look for the real cause of the fuss before you "rise to the occasion" and escalate from fuss to defcon 5.  So many arguments are not really about the stated complaint.”  Submitted by Jane & Forrester, married 14 years.

You need to “know and practice forgiveness.” Cleide and Euclides, married for 24 years. 

“You need to know our past hurts and brokenness makes us vulnerable. We can choose to foster the hurt or create healing. Let's choose to love and nurture healing!”  by Barbara and Bill, married 4 years.

“You need to know how to communicate.” by Kathy and Al married 50 years.

“You need to know how to listen.” by Laura and  Mike, married 7 years.

“You need to know to hold hands like teenagers do. In the movies, walking down the street, in restaurants.” From Harrison’s book

“You need to know you can do something new without leaving the house. Like spend the night in another bedroom.” From Harrison’s book

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