How Can We Limit Gun Violence?

"The plague that gun violence has become continues unchecked and spreads across our country. Things must change. Once again, we call for effective legislation that addresses why these unimaginable and repeated occurrences of murderous gun violence continue to take place in our communities. As people of faith, we continue to pray for all the victims, and for healing in all these stricken communities. But action is also needed to end these abhorrent acts. " -Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops August 3, 2019

Fact: The recent shooting in Dayton, Ohio resulted in the death of 9 victims and 17 wounded within 32 seconds.

As people of faith committed to being peacemakers, what can we do now to limit the impact of these events on the number of victims, their grieving families, friends, neighbors and other community members?

The weapons used in mass shootings are not hunting weapons or suitable for self-defense. These weapons are designed to kill and to maximize the number of deaths and the number of wounded people. These are weapons of war. There is no place in our streets, our schools, our homes for assault rifles. We may not be able to stop all violent deaths or even all gun deaths, but we must find a way that would keep a gunman from killing or injuring 26 people in a half minute.

Prayerfully consider ways that you can help to make a difference.

Come to the Peace and Justice table in the courtyard after Masses Sept. 21st and 22nd to sign a petition to Ban Assault Weapons or find it online at