Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical ministry is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your baptismal call of service to one another. Our liturgies should utilize the talents and gifs that God has given this community to the fullest extent.

Altar Servers

Altar servers enhance the quality of liturgical celebrations by assisting the priest and leading liturgical processions. They are scheduled to serve at Mass about once or twice a month. Boys and girls in 5th grade and higher are eligible to become altar servers. Adults are also welcome.  Training is offered in January and registration begins in December.

Altar Linen Helpers

This is a perfect ministry for people who cannot attend meetings but wish to offer their service to parish liturgical celebrations. Altar linen helpers take home and launder the linens used at Mass (purificators, corporals and other linens) and return them promptly for use in parish liturgies. Altar linen helpers are scheduled to launder linens once a month.

Art& Environment

This committee prepares the church for the various liturgical seasons of the year and maintains the plants used in the church.  Committee members can exercise their artistic skills or help with such practical things as ironing, polishing and helping in whatever other ways are needed. Help is needed especially for Christmas, Easter and the beginning of each liturgical season.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC)

These ministers help distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembly at all parish Masses. Prospective EMHCs are recommended to the diocese by the pastor and must be in conformity with Church and diocesan guidelines. New EMHCs receive training at the parish after attending a diocesan workshop and are scheduled to serve one to three times a month depending on preference and need. EMHCs are expected to participate in ongoing formation and in other parish ministries.


The primary ministry of greeters is to welcome people as they gather for Mass. Greeters provide a smile and an open door, offering hospitality in the name of the Lord. Greeters are scheduled to serve once or twice a month.


The Music Ministry of St. Margaret Mary plays an important role in our Church's praise. It exists to support and enhance the song of the whole assembly, as well as to provide special music for contemplation and inspiration. The backbone of the Music Ministry consists of choir members, children’s choir members, cantors, small ensembles of adults, and instrumentalists.


Lectors are lovers of the Word of God. They use oral communication skills to proclaim and share that Word with the gathered assembly. Lectors proclaim the readings approximately once a month and are expected to spend two to three hours in preparation for each reading, attend an annual meeting in the fall and participate in ongoing formation throughout the year. New lectors are selected through a process of discernment and are required to participate in a series of training meetings.


Sacristans assist with the immediate preparation for Mass by preparing the bread and wine, lighting the candles and setting out the proper books and vessels. After Mass, sacristans return the vessels and books to their proper places. Sacristans usually serve between one and three times a month.


Ushers help to maintain a prayerful atmosphere during Mass. Some of their responsibilities include: helping people find seats when the church is crowded, taking up the collection, helping with the communion procession and handing out bulletins. Ushers can serve once a week, once a month or whatever frequency they prefer.

Plant Ministry

Do you have a green thumb, like working with plants?  We are in need of volunteers to help care for the plants that enhance our worship space.  With a time commitment of only once every six weeks, this is a wonderful volunteer opportunity even for those with busy schedules.

For further information on Liturgical Ministries at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, please contact:

Lisa Weis, Director of Liturgy (407) 647-0726 or
Curtis Wallace, Director of Music: (407) 628-2346