Long-Sleeve Shirt Drive

Drive lasts until May 31

Donate new or gently used light-colored, long-sleeved, natural fiber (cotton, linen) shirts (men's and women's) to reduce pesticide exposure and prevent heat-related illness for farmworkers. Blue collection bins are in the Parish Hall, donate before or after weekend Masses.

SMM Farmworker Sunday - May 19th

  • Farmworker Association tables in the courtyard after 8, 9:30 and noon masses.
  • Join our Peace and Justice Ministry for a presentation at 10:40 in the Parish Hall.
  • Donate to the long-sleeved shirt drive (May 1-19)

Pray a novena to St. Isidore, Patron of Farmworkers starting May 6th HERE.

Learn about the lives of Farmworkers, who have a critical role in providing food for all of us.  Honoring the feast of St. Isidore, patron of farmworkers, we respond to our Bishops’ call that our community “give greater attention and priority to issues of food and agriculture and their connections to our faith” by inviting farmworker advocates to visit our parish.  Farmworkers experience unique and challenging workplace hazards, from heat stress to pesticide exposure.

The Farmworkers Association of Florida works to improve working conditions, raise awareness about the harmful effects of pesticides, and influence policy related to protecting farmworkers.   Visit their website at  https://floridafarmworkers.org/

Catholic Social Teaching and Farmworkers

“Agriculture is not just another economic sector. It is about food and hunger, the way we treat those who grow and harvest our food and fiber, and what kind of nation and world we are shaping. … They are among the most vulnerable and exploited people in our land. Their situation demands a response from people of faith.”       (US Bishops, For I was Hungry)

"The primary goals of agricultural policies should be providing food for all people and reducing poverty among farmers and farmworkers in this country and abroad."  (US Bishops, For I was Hungry)

Who was St. Isidore?

Saint Isidore the Farmer | Franciscan Media

For Children:
Story of Saint Isidore the Farmer | Stories of Saints | Episode 166 (9 minute animation)

Homily on St. Isidore’s Feast (May 15)

Helpers, Heroes and Friends: Learning How to Follow Christ by Knowing the Saints: Saint Isidore the Farmer

Long-sleeved Shirt
Collection for Farmworkers
May 1-31