October 2023

October falls during the liturgical season known as Tempus per Annum or Ordinary Time.  The color of the season is green signifying new life and growth. The Liturgy does not focus on one particular mystery of Christ but views the mystery of Christ in all its aspects. We follow the life of Christ through the Gospels and focus on the teachings and parables of Jesus and what it means for each of us to be a follower of Christ.

The month is dedicated to the Holy Rosary.  The Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary is celebrated on October 7.

The Intentions of the Holy Father this month are for the SynodWe join Pope Francis as we pray for the Church, that she may adopt listening and dialogue as a lifestyle at every level and allow herself to be guided by the Holy Spirit towards the peripheries of the world.

The Gospels for the Sundays in October 2023 are taken from St. Matthew from Year A, Weekdays follow Year I.

October 1st
Twenty-Sixth Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 21:28-32: He changed his mind and went. Tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of heaven before you.
October 8th
Twenty-Seventh Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 21:33-43: He will lease his vineyard to other tenants.
October 15th
Twenty-Eighth Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 22:1-14: Invite to the wedding feasts whoever you find.
October 22nd
Twenty-Ninth Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 22:15-21: Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.
October 30th
Thirtieth Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 22:34-40: You shall love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself.

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