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Call to Holiness: April

for fear of the Jews” (John 19:38). Some traditions claim he traveled to Britain with the Holy Grail and founded a monastery at Glastonbury. His feast day is March 17....
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Book of Wisdom

...the Exodus (11:2–16; 12:23–27; 15:18–19:22) with digressions on God’s mercy (11:17–12:22) and on the folly and shame of idolatry (13:1–15:17) From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops web site...
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Mary and the Month of May

...Veuster, priest; John of Avila, Opt. Mem. 12. Nereus and Achilleus; Pancras, martyrs, Opt. Mem. 13. Ascension of the Lord; Our Lady of Fatima, Opt. Mem. 14. Matthias, Feast 15....
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