Fortnight is the latest video game grabbing youth’s attention. It is vital for parents to talk about how to set limits for this violent, non-gory, shooter game.

If you are unsure whether your kids need strong time constraints, try this:

  1. Decide (ideally with their input, the amount of time they have until the game needs to be turned off.
  2. When that time is up, do they shut off the game themselves?
  3. If not, talk to them about what is happening and why they think they are having a difficult time.

For more tips on helping your kids control their screen time, go to

Continue the conversation! Make awareness of screen time a priority in your family! Pray for Discernment in Use of technology:

Heavenly Father, You have given us the skills and ability to create technology. We have used it often to spread the Good News of salvation and God’s plan for those who believe. Please help us continue to evangelize in this way, using the gifts you have given us for good, not for evil. Some have fallen prey to the temptations that are available on technology and have squandered the precious gift of time on mindless entertainment and valueless escapism. We can easily become slaves to technology, forgetting the incredible gift of being present to you and to one another. Through technology, we have an easily accessible way to communicate with one another. Let us continue to witness, not only with our words, but the work we do in your name. May we always embrace our responsibility in this life - to serve you and those we come into contact with each day - as we seek a balance in our use of technology. May we use technology and our time wisely as a means to communicate your message of love to the world. Amen.

Consider the following recommendations and resources:

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  2. Subscribe to the weekly online blog- Tech Talk Tuesday, to receive weekly news and ideas for conversations around screen time.
  3. For a list of parenting apps to manage screentime click here:
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  5. Click here for Screenagers Tips for Parents on Teen Phone Rules:
  6. Contact the Family Life Office or Youth Ministry for additional support: 407-647-3392.