The Thanksgiving and Christmas Stores

St. Margaret Mary Church and All Saints Episcopal Church Invite You to Share Your Blessings This Year Through Our Thanksgiving and Christmas Stores.

As Catholics, we are called to be a welcoming community, sent by Christ to serve.

The Stores serve local families, struggling to make ends meet, including the working poor, the elderly on fixed incomes and the disabled.

This year 385 families with 435 children have requested assistance.

Thanksgiving Food Collection, November 23/24

Please bring your food donation to church with you next weekend in a reusable or paper bag and take it to the altar steps at the Presentation of the Gifts. If you wish us to purchase your food, please direct your donation to the parish office and mark it “Stores”.  Additional items are always welcome including reusable shopping bags.

Christmas Toy Collection, December 7/8

New clothing is purchased for the 435 children. Parishioners are asked to provide the toys. Bring your new $20 unwrapped toy or book(s) to the Family Life Center before Mass. If you wish us to purchase your toy, please direct your donation to the parish office and mark it “Stores”. Please choose not to bring dolls, stuffed animals and avoid all guns and violent toys when making your toy selections.

Last InitialThanksgiving - Nov 23/24Christmas - Dec 7/8
Acanned peas or mixed vegetablesnew book(s) age 0-8
B3 pounds apples or orangesnew book(s) age 0-8
Cnuts, mints, or candygirl's gift, age 10-12*
D3 pounds apples or orangesboy's or girl's toy age 3-4
E,Fcanned green beansnew book(s) age 9-12
G5 pounds potatoesgirls's toy age 5-6
Hcanned sweet potatoes or yamsboy's or girl's toy age 3-4
I, J, Kcanned cornboy's or girl's toy age 5-6
L5 pounds potatoesboy's toy age 7-9
M5 pounds potatoesdiapers, sizes 4, 5, or 6
N, O5 pounds potatoesgirl's toy age 7-9
Pjellied cranberry sauceboy's toy age 5-6
Q, R3 pounds apples or orangesboy's gift age 10-12*
Scanned peas or mixed vegetablesboy's toy age 7-9
T, U, V3 pounds apples or orangesboys's or girls's toy age 1-2
W, X, Y, Zcanned sweet potatoes or yamsboy's or girls gift age 10-12*

*See the Suggested Gift List Below

Suggested Gift List for 9-12 year olds

Many of you have requested suggestions for gift ideas for children ages 9-12.  Below is a list of some suggestions.  Please do not limit yourselves to items on this list.  Be creative and have fun.  Keep in mind that most of these families do not have computers in their homes.  IPods, MP3 Players or games and toys for children of any age that require a computer to use may not be the best choice.  All the items listed below can be purchased for $20 or less at many of the local discount stores.

  • Ear buds, head phones, small cameras that need no memory card, boom boxes, portable CD players, clock radios in funky colors, and walkie talkies.
  • DIY kits (do it yourself kits) including plush crafts, kid tough binoculars and science experiment kits, Lego sets
  •  Jewelry boxes, boxes that include multi-earring sets for girls, novelty and dress watches for both boys and girls, age appropriate purses and wallets
  •  luggage and duffle bags that can be used for travel
  • manicure and pedicure sets with nail dryers, gift packs of body wash, lotion, etc.
  • electronic dart boards with safety tip darts, baseball mitts, age appropriate lacrosse sticks, skateboards, volleyball sets and fishing equipment sets
  • Games aimed at older children such as Say Anything, Balderdash, 5 Second Rule, Taboo & Apples to Apples
  • Jewelry making kits, craft kits and art kits
  • Squishies
  • Shaggy pillows in funky colors, soft cuddly blankets in fun colors and sleeping bags
  • Journals with pen sets
  • Pokémon cards and Football/Baseball cards

Volunteer Opportunities

Please consider sharing a little of your time to help up with this very worthwhile ministry. The following volunteer opportunities are available:

Thanksgiving Store

After all Masses Nov. 23/24
Carry food from the church to the parish hall and to help sort it.

Monday, Nov. 25
8 am to 2 pm – Sort and set up for Thanksgiving Store.
2pm -7:30 pm – Help shoppers at the store & cleanup

Christmas Store

Monday, Dec. 9
8 am to 3 pm – Sort and set up for the Christmas Store.

Tuesday, Dec. 10
8 am to 1:30 pm – Sort and set up for the Christmas Store.
1:30 pm -7:30 pm - Help shoppers at the store & cleanup.

All of the activities above will take place in the Parish Hall. For more information, please contact Anne Domescek at or 407-252-3926 For safety reasons, children under the age of 15 will not be able to help out at the Stores, but they are welcome to come and help sort after the Masses.

The Stores Video