Journeying Together

Do you recall announcements earlier this year that Catholics world-wide would be helping prepare for the Synod of Bishops in Rome in 2024?  Parishioners throughout the world were invited to have “Listening Sessions” to share their varied experiences of Church life.

St. Margaret Mary parishioners conducted these Listening Sessions in late spring of 2022 and submitted their summaries to the Diocese of Orlando, who in turn, submitted summaries to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).   All parishioners of SMM were invited to join the process and more than 100 people participated.

A Synod is a gathering of the world’s Bishops, the Pope, other clergy and lay representatives to address current significant issues in the Church.   Pope Francis called this Synod (which means “Journeying Together”) to invite all Catholics to “journey together” and to give voice to the Holy Spirit working in their lives.

Pope Francis envisions the listening, the journeying together process, not as a one-time activity but as an on-going and essential expression of being “church.”  Pope Francis’ call to journey together also includes those outside the Church.  We learn from each other and deepen our faith in sharing our experiences with others.

Check out the bulletin and our parish website over the next few weeks.

We’ll share many of the reflections and main themes that surfaced in our Listening Sessions. We’ll also share some summary statements from the USCCB which identify hopes, concerns, and experiences of the Church here in the U.S.