The 14th Station of the Cross: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

Presider: We adore You O Christ, and we praise You. (genuflect)
All: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.


My thoughts go to Mary as she follows the Body of her dead Son into the Tomb. There is no life, no color, and no softness of warm flesh – just silence - quiet, deafening silence. She will never again see her Son dance with unbridled joy or hear His laughter. The cold blackness robs Mary of her thoughts…she shudders, realizes the tears have started once again and moans softly. She longs to have that small Child’s hand touch her hand and the sweet newness of His Childhood come once again. If she could relive those days, she would. Her very being aches as she swaddles her Child in the cloth of death, taking the same loving care as she had done when she swaddled His soft, small body in the stable so many years ago, or was it yesterday…for one more day with Him, safe and sound, she would give her very life. She leans and kisses His cheeks and forehead, as she had so often done. There is no sound; there is no return of the love she gives. The penetrating stillness and dankness cover her as she walks to the edge of the tomb. She looks back at the motionless Body knowing that the promise of His resurrection will restore her Child to life; He will be returning to the Father who gave Him life - to save a world created in love. 


As you enter the chapel, bow to the tabernacle. It is the tomb holding the body of Christ. In silence is the voice of God. Breathe in the beauty of the tomb, its promises, its joys. Feel the presence of the risen Christ. Be at peace with yourself and with your God.


Visit the Chapel with your family or alone at least once a week – after Mass, after work, when you are troubled, when you need to be heard – visit anytime.


Christ, the light of the world, who laid in death in the darkness of the tomb, has risen - Alleluia, Alleluia!

BY: Mary Howard, Life in the Eucharist Team

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