Theology of the Body Podcast

Podcast hosted by Lori Reinneck, M.S, Director of Family Life and student of The Theology of the Body Institute since 2018.

Special Guests: Fr. Adam Marchese, Parochial Vicar, and Peyton Kuhlman, Coordinator of Youth Ministry.

This podcast is created first with parents and teachers in mind, in an attempt to personally embrace the message of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body - how to give and receive love!

Students are also encouraged to listen in so as to find answers to Who Am I?, and How should I live?

Episode 1

“Who Am I and What is TOB” - Meet the team and learn about the TOB map for monthly sessions with middle schoolers at SMM.

Episode 2

“Are We Originally Innocent?" - Let's unpack what it means that from the beginning, we- as human persons- are the only creatures that God made for eternal happiness

Episode 3

“Cheezits and Sin” - Meet JoAnn Mokris and Greg Palubin- two of our volunteer teachers with the middle schoolers- as they help us reflect on the experience of sin as a cheap substitute for authentic good.

Episode 4

"The Body Speaks" In this episode, Fr. Adam, Lori, and Peyton explore how we come to understand each other through the language of our bodies;  and how as male or female - we do that uniquely, differently, and complementary!

Special Guest  this week:  Patrick Mokris, TOB teacher of 7th & 8th grade boys at Saint Margaret Mary School.

For more resources or feedback on this podcast, please contact the Family Life Office at 407-645-0284.