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For over a decade, St. Margaret Mary has journeyed with parishes in Haiti with the theme of “You can do it. We can help.” Our programs have included projects which provide a self-sustaining impact and crisis funding as natural disasters have required.

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Latest Haiti Trip

The week of February 7th - 11th, Fr. Walsh and a group of missionaries went down to Haiti to see the new Church and how things are progressing at Our Lady of the Assumption, here are some photos of their trip below.

Some of the high lights included very beneficial meetings with the directors and recipients of small business loans, visiting with newly married couples who benefitted from our support of their marriage program, reviewing the progress of the sheep program which provides revenues for nutrition support for the elderly, seeing the benefits of a SMM teacher training program which was just completed and exploratory discussion about Eucharistic enrichment programming for the parish.

Pere Belange, the pastor, expressed immense gratitude for all the support that Fr. Walsh and St. Margaret Mary are providing for the parish, and recognized Fr. Walsh and Ken Firling with appreciation plaques.  The SMM team noted the extreme living conditions of the rectory and reviewed plans to build a new rectory which can also serve as a welcoming center for groups visiting Our Lady of the Assumption parish.

Our Lady of the Assumption Church

December 5th was a special occasion for our sister congregation in Haiti. This day was when the newly built Our Lady of the Assumption Church was dedicated. We are grateful for your prayers and financial support and ask you to continue to make the programs of our various Haiti committees possible.

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The Program

The program is based on 4 principles:
  1. Haitian Self-Sufficiency: With a guiding hand, Haitians can do it themselves!
  2. Sustainability: We've identified numerous programs and projects that work!
  3. Transparency: Any exchange of money or deal is a clear and well known transaction. Each person's role is clearly defined.
  4. Clear Exit Time: The parish knows they will have us for 5 years. "If you stay too long, you become part of the problem, not the solution.

The Committees

Economic Empowerment
Livestock, village banking and agriculture.

Disease prevention, water accessibility and purity, and supporting destitute seniors

Teacher training and compensation (cow project). In some cases, school construction

Faith and WorshipTraining for chapel leaders to conduct services, music and sacrament preparation. Extra support for couples getting married

Peace ProgramYouth program focusing on leadership training and promoting peace through conflict resolution and mediation skills

Videos about the Haiti Ministry

If you are interested in starting a mission program at your parish, we can help you get it off the ground using "Ken's Model" for Haiti.  If you have a current mission program, regardless of location, these methods can be implemented.

Contact us and we will set you up with a member from our ministry!

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