Marriage Ministry

Pope Francis tells us: “The need to accompany is urgent! The next generation of marriages is counting on the married couples of today. Who else but happily married couples are going to show the truth and beauty and joy of true love.”

If you have been married at least 3 years and want to join us in Pope Francis’ mission of supporting the Sacrament of Marriage, consider volunteering to help with one of these building blocks. Contact the Family Life Office for more information at 407-645-0284 or email

6 Building Blocks of a Marriage-Building Parish


Monthly Date Nights Sponsored by the Marriage Ministry Team.

If you are dating, engaged, or married and want to meet other couples and grow in your faith and even pick up a few important skills to keep your marriage strong, come to our monthly marriage ministry date nights.

Date nights in August, January, and April invite all married couples to the Sacrament of Marriage class. ALL married couples are invited to attend these sessions to welcome the engaged, have dinner, build community, and refresh your own relationship skills. Check out the schedule below and come to any part of the program, but definitely come for Friday night dinner. Cost for dinner only is $20 per couple, to be paid at the door. RSVP required.

Date nights in September, November, December, February, and March are for all couples, dating, engaged or married. It is a great opportunity to meet other fun, faith-filled couples and rekindle and recharge your own marital relationship thru prayer, conversation, laughter, and reflection. These date nights are held Friday nights once a month in the Family Life Center. Happy hour is offered with beer, wine, and appetizers from 7-7:30pm and program is from 7:30-9pm. Babysitting is available for children ages 10 and under with reservation once week in advance. Cost is $5 per couple.

This year we will feature “The Beatitudes: A Couple’s Path To Greater Joy” by John & Teri Bosio. Each month will explore one of the Beatitudes as proclaimed by Jesus in Chapter 5 of the Gospel of Matthew, and offer a faith-based perspective in dealing with and growing through some of the situations married couples experience in everyday life.
See the brochure below for dates and agenda. Or click here to go to schedule:

Marriage Ministry Schedule


You must RSVP for each event and for childcare.  For more information call the Family Life Office at 407-645-0284.

Photos from Past Marriage Events:

PREPARING For Sacramental Marriage

Classes are offered three times a year: August, January, and April.

If you are newly engaged, civilly married, of different faith backgrounds, and want to learn what a sacramental marriage is, or want to make sure you have Christ as the center of your marriage, this is a requirement for you!

Go to for more information on these classes or contact Debbie Benson to begin the Marriage Preparation process, at (407) 647-3392 or

CREATING a Culture of Life and Love in the Family

Visit the SMM Baptism class to witness to couples seeking the Sacrament of Baptism for a child.

If you are married and have children and believe in the importance of balancing marriage and parenting,--especially after the birth or adoption of the first baby---then volunteer to share this joyful important message with the couples at our Baptism class. Held every other month on a Thursday night, join the team and pick one or two months you can visit this class and partner with new families in the giving and receiving of God’s love!

For more information or to support this building block team, contact Maureen Branham at or Kristy Pizzarello at


Collaborate with the Haiti Evangelization team.

If you are married and long for couples in our sister parish in Haiti to be able to receive the graces that come with a sacramental marriage, then this building team is for you! Contact Denise or Mike Farrington for more information at or

REBUILDING Hurting Marriages

Don’t Let Your Marriage … Break Your Heart!

If you feel frustrated, hurt and angry with each other; if you feel trapped by frequent conflict and don't know where to turn; please know this program has helped thousands of couples. Retrouvaille can help rediscover what you once had. This is a Diocese-sponsored program to restore communication and trust in marriage. Even if you are separated or divorced - or are thinking about it - call and give yourselves another chance. You and your relationship deserve it. For more information or registration call (352) 274-4614. All calls are strictly confidential.

If you know a couple in a hurting marriage, give the family the gift of love and tell them about this program. Retrouvaille welcomes all couples in struggling relationships who want to save their marriages. And check our website at


Celebration of the vocation of marriage in worship and community life.

If you feel lukewarm in your faith, or have strong belief in the power of prayer, want to feel close to Jesus, or know a couple in a hurting marriage who you promised to pray for, come visit the Real Presence of the Blessed Sacrament on the First Friday of each month. In the chapel. After 8 am Mass thru Saturday at 12 noon. Come spend a few minutes in quiet prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel.

Pope Francis: List of tips to make a marriage work

“Marriage is a Community of Life and Love, an intimate partnership for the whole of life. It is an enduring and exclusive partnership for the giving and receiving of love. Its purpose is for the mutual good of the spouses and for the procreation and education of children.”

Gaudium et spes (Vatican II) Chapter 48 Catechism of the Catholic Church Article 7 #1603

For more information on any of these “Building Blocks for Healthy Marriages” contact:

The Family Life Office at 407-645-0284 or email