Faith Formation for Adults

Women’s Bible Study

The Women’s Bible Study group offers two scripture-based studies per year.  One in the fall and one in the spring.  In person sessions are typically held on Thursday mornings from 9:30 am – 10:45 am with an evening Zoom opportunity that is typically held on Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm.   Study offerings run for approximately 8-10 weeks, depending on the program and include personal study and small group discussion.  Purchase of a particular study book may be required.  For more information, please contact Karen Falbo at [email protected] or 407-644-6812.

Men’s Bible Study

Conducted by Fr. Walsh, this Bible Study for men meets each Tuesday morning from 7am- 8am. The study focuses on a particular book of the Bible and also includes personal study, small-group discussion, lecture and prayer. Study books are available for the participants.

Online Reflections/Weekly Study

eFormation is a weekly email providing online access to a variety of articles, videos, and reflections which provides an opportunity to dive a little deeper into your faith at your convenience.  The email is sent out every Tuesday evening.  Click the following link to register for eFormtion emails:  Reflections from Sr. Rosemary are included in the eFormation weekly email.  If you would like to access her weekly reflections directly, click the following link:

Compass Catholic Ministries

Teaches stewardship through a biblical look at personal finances. Our world tells us to focus on what we don’t have. The bible teaches us to be content and be grateful for what we do have. There are over 2,500 verses in the Bible related to handling money and possessions. In 1 Corinthians, Paul tells us how even he had to learn to be content. Through small group Bible studies and workshops, Compass Catholic Ministries teaches what God says about how we should live our lives and how we should handle our money and possessions. Contact us today to learn more about our small group Bible study programs. For more information click the following link:
Contact: Jon Bean - 407-947-4930.  Not currently meeting due to pandemic.

Cursillo / Ultreya

Cursillo is a movement of the Church which, by its own method, makes it possible for people to live what is fundamental for being a Christian. Cursillo helps people discover and fulfill their personal vocations, and promotes the creation of core groups of Christians who leaven their environments with the Gospel. The Ultreya (Spanish word meaning Onward) is the larger Cursillo community. It is the time for the members of the Group Reunions to meet with members of other Group Reunions. The Ultreya is also beneficial in providing the support and encouragement that each of us needs.

Contact: Andrea Cavalere - 407-998-5678
[email protected]

Parish Missions/Special Events

Each year our parish sets aside time for special prayer, listening, and spiritual renewal. A Parish Mission or Special Event is an opportunity for people to come together in prayer and reawaken their understanding and experience of God’s love. The structure varies and is conducted by a mission/retreat director or special guest. The topics of the presentations are practical and inspirational. All are welcome!
Contact: Karen Falbo - 407-644-6812
[email protected]

SMM Senior Adults

A very active group of seniors. They meet once month for the 5pm Mass on Saturday.
Contact: Lori Reinneck, 407-644-6812


JustFaith is an amazing 30-week program that provides the groundwork to change lives, inspire faithful witness and seeks to transform the world through love and service. Experience a spiritual, educational journey like no other. Ready for a challenge in your thinking and doing when it comes to the needy and vulnerable? Contact Scott Lindeman, 407-628-1324. In the meantime you can check out the program at www.justfaith.orgNot currently meeting due to pandemic