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St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church

526 North Park Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789
Church Office: 407-647-3392
Fax: 407-647-4492
[email protected]

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Debbie Benson 407-998-5654
Andrea Cavalere 407-998-5678
Sue Collins 407-647-3392
Cindy Loria 407-647-3392

Concetta Timmes 407-998-5671

Adult Faith Formation:
Sr. Rosemary Finnegan: 407-644-6812

Advocacy & Social Justice
Deacon Scott Lindeman 407-628-1324

Anointing of the Sick:
Call the Parish Office: 407-647-3392

Annulments & Marriage Convalidations:
Marlena Templet: 407-998-5657

Infants & Children: Andrea Cavalere 407-998-5678
Adults: Sr. Rosemary Finnegan 407-644-6812

Deacon Bill Timmes 407-647-3392

Children’s Faith Formation
Michelle Tyson 407-647-5171

Christian Service
Deacon Scott Lindeman 407-628-1324

Clergy: 407-647-3392
Fr. Richard Walsh
Fr. Shenoy Thomas
Fr. Adam Marchese
Fr. Anthony Aarons
Deacon Nemsey Gubatan
Deacon Bob Kreps
Deacon Bill Timmes
Deacon Tommy Cuff
Deacon Dave Engasser

Youth (9th Grade): Hunter Spyckaboer 407-998-5677
Adults: Sr. Rosemary Finnegan 407-644-6812

Facilities / Grounds
Patrick Hayes: 407-647-3392
Anya Singh: Housekeeper

Family Ministries
Lori Reinneck 407-645-0284'

Funerals / Marriage
Debbie Benson 407-998-5654

Lisa Weis 407-647-0726

Curtis Wallace 407-628-2346
Mark DuVall 407-998-5679

Parish Nurse
Michelle Hodge 407-998-5659

Pastoral Care
Deacon Bill Timmes 407-647-3392

Rollins Campus Ministry
Don & Joan Davison 407-646-2551

SMM Catholic School
Katie Walsh, Principal 407-644-7537

Stewardship / Coordinator of Adult Volunteers
Deacon Bill Timmes 407-647-3392

Technology / Communication
Nick Balabanski 407-998-5662

Website / Live Stream
Nick Balabanski 407-998-5662

Youth Ministry
Hunter Spyckaboer 407-998-5677
Sandi Hagan 407-647-6129