The 8th Station: Jesus Comforts the Women of Jerusalem

Presider: We adore You O Christ, and we praise You. (genuflect)
All: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.


At this point, Jesus has been suffering for hours. He probably doesn’t even know if He can continue. The soldiers continue to beat and criticize Jesus. Despite all the pain He is going through, Jesus comforts the daughters of Jerusalem. He is demonstrating an act of selflessness that would be difficult for any human to endure.  Jesus tells them not to weep for Him, but to weep for themselves. Jesus takes the level of selflessness up by pushing through the pain to get to the women, and then telling them not to worry about Him. What Jesus is trying to tell the women, is that to Him, their problems are more important than His. Jesus displays His most important commandment, to love your neighbor as yourself, which means to put others and their needs before your own. This example of selflessness is one that we, followers of Christ, must mirror daily.


Jesus, when I feel like acting selfishly, please help me to put others before myself. Help me to think of how you acted for the daughters of Jerusalem. Help me to use your overwhelming abundance of love to spread it to others.


Put two jars out in a common place in your house, one labeled “sacrifices” and the other is not labeled. Put pebbles in the non-labeled jar. Every time a family member makes a sacrifice for another person, such as holding a door for someone else, put a pebble from the non-labeled jar in the “sacrifices” one. Do this until the end of Lent.


Dear Jesus, your compassion for others is overwhelming to me. I feel selfish and small when I think of you and the way you love others. Help me to pour out my love, and in turn, fill me with your love. Amen.

BY: Caitlyn Camchong, High School Altar Servers

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