Confirmation 2024

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Welcome to our Confirmation page for 2024!
      • We planned each prep session to end right before the 6pm Sunday Mass so that every Confirmation candidate will have the opportunity to go and fulfill their Sunday obligation if they have not yet gone. We hope this timing is also convenient for families to meet up and go to Mass together who like to do so.
      • Each month has at least 2 sessions with the exception of November and December due to so many breaks and days off school. November and December will each have one session in light of this.

SMM Confirmation Application 2023-2024

Our Confirmation Preparation Program is open to students in Grades 9 – 12 who are active in their faith and have a sincere desire to be confirmed in the Catholic Faith.

Applications for Confirmation, accepted from August 1 through September 15, consist of:

      1. Completion of the initial online registration form (found on the parish website under ‘Sacraments’ / ‘Confirmation’)
      2. Completion of the entire paper application that will be mailed to you after you register online, which includes each of these following items that MUST be turned in by the due date of September 15 to be considered complete:
        1. Student essay (see prompt below)
        2. Parent essay (see prompt below)
        3. Image release form – to be signed by parent/guardian (we will have a professional photographer as well as are live-streaming the Confirmation Mass)
        4. Communications form – to be signed by parent/guardian
        5. Permission form for day retreat – to be signed by parent/guardian
        6. Medical information and consent form – to be signed by parent/guardian
        7. Opt-out form for diocesan “Circle of Grace” supplemental session – to be signed by parent/guardian
        8. Coalition service form – to be signed by parent/guardian if you would like your child to participate in this service project that happens once a month in conjunction with youth ministry (can count toward service hours)
        9. Copy of Baptismal Certificate
        10. Copy of First Communion Certificate
        11. *Sponsor form: the only application item that has a later due date of October 29. We wanted you to have ample time for this one, to pray about a sponsor and to give them time to sign it. This form must be signed by your sponsor as well as their pastor if they are parishioners elsewhere.*

Student & Parent Application Short-Essay:

We require both a student and parent entrance essay of at least 250 words. The purpose of the student essay is to help the Confirmation team get an understanding of where the candidate is starting this part of their faith journey so that our Catechists know how to best accompany them on the journey.  From the parent essay, the Confirmation team will gain an understanding of where parent’s intentions for this sacrament meet those of their child.  Please be honest; there is no right or wrong answer. We greatly appreciate anything you have to say from your heart.

Student’s Essay Prompt (Please answer both questions, at least 250 words, typed/printed or written)

      1. What type of Christian man or woman do you envision being in the future? (A few things to consider: your gifts and talents; how can you serve God; how do you see yourself actively living your Catholic faith in the future?).
      2. What steps do you need to take to get closer to God at this time in your life? (A few things to consider: your prayer life; your attendance and attention at mass; your friend group & activities; God as a priority in your life).

Parent’s Essay Prompt (Please answer both questions, at least 250 words, typed/printed or written)

      1. What is the hope or vision you have for your child after he or she receives this sacrament?
      2. How do you desire to support them in their faith journey?

Confirmation Schedule
Confirmation Schedule 2023 - 2024_2

If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to Peyton Kuhlman - [email protected]