Divorce Support Group

Helping you find Peace, Power, and Passion after your divorce

Surviving Divorce is a nationally acclaimed 12- week program; accompanies people on their journey using weekly video, personal reflection, journaling and small group sharing.

Open to all in the Diocese of Orlando.

For the newly separated and divorced AND those still struggling with issues many years later.

Session topics include shock and grief, anger and forgiveness, money issues, dealing with children and a former spouse, and annulment and remarriage. This program strives to help all find answers to questions, restore hope, and begin authentic healing.

Cost: $10. Includes online access to the videos, the Surviving Divorce Personal Guide, and all program materials.

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Tentative Schedule:

All sessions are onsite, 2nd Floor Family Life Center, in the Holy Grounds room.

Wednesday, March 97-8:30pmSESSION 1: Getting Your Bearings
Wednesday, March 167-8:30pmSESSION 2: Finding Strength & Help
Wednesday, March 237-8:30pmSESSION 3: Getting Through Your Anger
Wednesday, March 307-8:30pmSESSION 4: Finding Perfect Peace
Wednesday, April 67-8:30pmSESSION 5: Learning to Forgive
Wednesday, April 137-8:30pmSESSION 6: Dealing with Your Family
Wednesday, April 207-8:30pmSESSION 7: Handling Money Wisely
Wednesday, April 277-8:30pmSESSION 8: Finding Perfect Power
Wednesday, May 47-8:30pmSESSION 9: Seeing God in Romance
Wednesday, May 117-8:30pmSESSION 10: Relearning How To Date
Wednesday, May 187-8:30pmSESSION 11: Loving All Church Teachings
Wednesday, May 257-8:30pmSESSION 12: Finding Perfect Passion
For more information contact the Family Life Office at 407-645-0285
or email [email protected]

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