Haiti Livestock Ministry

Two years ago the SMM Livestock Program began providing goats for Our Lady of Perpetual Help parishioners on Baguette Island.  Goats had to be taken over to Baguette in small boats.  These are very, very poor people who are often overlooked because they are so separated from the rest of the parish. In fact two years ago was the first time a priest had been to that little community.  Here is the story of one woman who received a goat from our program.

My name is Delourde,  Mathador.

I have 48 years old. I live at  Baguette.    I have 10 children. The livestock committee at  Baguette gave me a goat. The goat had a first  born babies goats, I delivered the committee 1 baby goat. In his second birth, it was delivered 2 babies goats.  I sold the young goats an  buy shoes, books and cloth to give me the sewing to send my child to school. I can say that God has sent the livestock committee of St. MargaretMary to the following project at Baguette, which makes me the beneficiaries of this goat. I can say I started having some profits  on the goat that I received from you.

Thanks you very much! may God Bless you!

Delourde Mathador.