Peace Program

What is the Haiti Peace Program?


  • involves youth and young adults in faith based peace efforts
  • facilitated by professional young Haitian leaders
  • promotes peace-building skills
  • focuses on leadership training


  • studies and summer peace conferences include strategies that promote justice and peace
  • teaches communication techniques which improve social interaction and de-escalate conflict
  • highlights historic Haitian leaders and their positive contributions to society


  • accomplishes the Judeo-Christian principle of caring for others
  • include outreach programs, i.e., visiting the elderly
  • utilizes drama, sports, singing and dance for community building

Conflict Resolution

  • develops value based leadership skills including self-confidence, responsibility, relationship building, and decision making.
  • Explains conflict resolution and teaches skills to address conflict such as compromising and collaborating
  • Addresses the underlying causes of realistic situations such as domestic abuse, gender bias, etc.


  • Educates about the need to make peace with the environment through recycling efforts so as to not contribute to earth’s degradation
  • Develops environmental consciousness and the need to protect our planet