Parish Headlines

Elijah Cup

All need to pray for the support and perseverance of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. One way to foster vocations is to use the Elijah Cup as a focal point at daily prayer. Anyone interested in praying for an increase in vocations is welcome to take the cup home for a week. This…
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Volunteers Needed – Donut Ministry

Looking for a way to help in your church?  Think “Yummy Donuts!”  We are in need of four volunteers to serve donuts and break down every third Sunday at the 9:30 amMass.  This is a great way to help and meet people .  If this is something you would like to do, please contact Colleen…
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Prayer Line

Does someone you know, or even yourself, need prayers? As part of their ministry, compassionate parishioners will pray for your special needs. Please call the parish office at 407-647-3392 and give the name of the person requesting prayers to the staff at the front desk. By the evening, many prayers will be said for your…
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