Prayer Vigil for the Abolition of the Death Penalty

Join Parishioners to Pray Together
Tuesday November 30, 6 PM
St. Margaret Mary Courtyard

What Can I do?

  1. Pledge to Educate, Advocate and Pray for an End to the Death Penalty at
  2. Contact your state representatives about protecting people with serious mental illness from the death penalty. Visit:
  3. Call upon President Biden  to declare a moratorium on executions at the federal level; commute the sentences of all those currently on the federal death row; and work with Congress and the states to end the death penalty by lawin law.  Visit: (
  4. Participate in Faith & Action First Fridays with Catholic Mobilizing Network

Additional Resources:

Recent Abolition Progress

  • 2021 Abolished in Sierra Leone (110th Country to abolish the death penalty for all crimes)
  • 2021 Abolished in Virginia - 23rd State to abolish the death penalty (3 others have moratoriums - CA, OR, PA)
  • 110 Countries have abolished the death penalty; 55 retain its use.

Executions in the U.S.

  • 9 Executions in 2021 (3 Federal; 3 TX; 1 AL; 1 OK; 1 MO)
  • 1 Remaining Pending Warrant This Year: (Bigler Jobe Stouffer, OK, 12/9)
  • 20 Scheduled in 2022
  • 4 New Death Sentences Imposed in 2021: (FL, AL, CA, NE)
  • Trends in women’s sentencing are towards more severe sentencing 


  • 9/16/21 NV exonerated Samuell Howard after 40+ years on death row
  • US total of wrongfully convicted people on death rows >185 (30 in Florida)