The Resurrection of Jesus

One of my favorite periscopes from the letter of St. Paul is Philippians Chapter 2 (6-11). This brief passage describes and summarizes the Easter mystery in a few brief sentences. It is a description of Christ’s victory over sin and death. Perhaps it is most easily understood in the context of a downward and an upward movement. The downward movement describes Jesus’ compete obedience to the will of his Father and his total surrender to the moment of his death. The upward movement describes his Fathers’ response- how he raised Jesus up to a newness of life. In other words, Resurrection is the Father’s yes to Jesus’ sacrificial death.

The preface to this brief periscope reminds us that “our attitude must be that of Christ”. Simply put, we cannot hope to rise with Christ in the life to come if we do not surrender to his will while we are here below.

May God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit give us the strength to let go and to allow Jesus to reign in our minds and in our hearts. Amen.

BY: Fr. Walsh, Pastor

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