Written by Mike Roche’s father: Bill Roche, A parishioner of St. Mary Star of the Sea, Diocese of Venice

Somewhere right now there’s a scared mother facing an unplanned pregnancy; somewhere there’s a worker who wants to quit the abortion industry; somewhere there’s a pro-life individual who wants to do more in the fight to end abortion, but isn’t sure how; from just such needs developed the “40 Days for Life Campaign”. Conceived in College Station, TX, this campaign consists of a peaceful prayerful vigil for the sanctity of human life in front of abortion clinics for 40 days. To date, known results include 13,305 babies spared from abortion and their mothers from a lifetime of regret; 154 abortion workers have left their jobs; and 86 abortion centers have closed. When women arrive and see the public vigil, they know and understand, that at the moment they need it most, someone is praying specifically for them. Your presence is the last sign of hope before the abortion…and the first sign of mercy after the abortion. Seeing people praying also sends a message to the workers and the community that there is something wrong with what is happening inside.

This fall the 40 Days for Life Campaign runs from September 27 to November 5. Whether you are in Sarasota, Fl, Overland Park, KS or any one of 373 other cities nationally or internationally, please consider joining the vigil. For detailed information on location, hours, etc. visit

Hesitant, just recall the words of Mother Teresa: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” We are summoned to answer the call-- God will do the rest.