St. Anne’s Ministry

New Family Life Ministry
Who We Are & What We Do

St. Anne was the mother to Mary and maternal grandmother to Jesus. She is a testament to the divine and unique role of women, specifically wives and mothers.

St. Anne’s Ministry at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church brings ALL mothers together socially and spiritually, offering them many ways to connect with one another and to find support with the challenges inherent to motherhood.

Our mission is to provide opportunities to grow together in our faith community.

Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month with childcare available and will include an opening prayer, a short business discussion followed by an informative speaker. Each presentation will have a strong focus on religion, parenting, family, health and happiness.

We also maintain a full social calendar and host a community outreach program every fall and spring.  All mothers of school age children are welcome and encouraged to join.

Activities to be sponsored by St. Anne's Ministry include:

  • Monthly meetings
  • Couples' parties
  • Family picnics
  • Preparing meals for families experiencing a birth/illness/death or other need
  • Children's activities and playgroups
  • Community service
  • Happy Hours

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2022-2023 Leadership Team:

  • Ministry Lead: Erin Zanotti
  • Religious affairs:  Katie Newberg and Courtney Palubin
  • Secretary:  Mary Ashy
  • Communications: Amy Turner and Jacqueline Johnson

Activities planned for 2022-2023

9/7      Monthly Meeting, Speaker: Family Therapist, topic: “Pandemic Aftermath & Your Child’s Mental Wellbeing”
9/17    Fall Family Picnic @ SMM playground, 6-7:30pm
9/21    Happy Hour @ Boca

10/5    Monthly Meeting, Speaker: Family Therapist, topic:“Raising Children & Adolescents”
10/8    Fall Couples Party  - Imperial Bar

11/2    Monthly Meeting, Speaker: Catholic Charities

12/7    Monthly Meeting, Community Outreach Program
12/10  St. Anne’s Ministry Advent Party

1/4      Monthly Meeting, Speaker: TBD

2/1      Monthly Meeting, Speaker: TBD
2/18    Spring Couples Party – TBD

3/1      Monthly Meeting, Speaker:  TBD

4/5      Monthly Meeting, Community Outreach Program

5/3      Monthly Meeting, Speaker:  TBD
5/13    Spring Family Picnic @ SMM Playground, 6-7:30pm

Please check the “GroupMe” app to receive details regarding events. You may also contact Ministry Coordinator Erin Zanotti directly, 405-401-8463.