Vacation Bible Camp

From roaming the African Savanna, to marching with the Israelites in the desert, to pinning tails on giraffes, to trying mystery mash and plantain chips, children enjoyed an epic African adventure.  Thank you to the parish for prayers and their support. Thank you to our families who sent us their wonderful children. Thank you to the decorators, station leaders and crew leaders who gave life and vitality to this program.

A big thank you goes to all of those children who supported the children who live at the Home of the Holy Angels in Uganda. Parish children did chores at home to earn money to give to the orphans. They brought in bags of coins all week and supported our first ever bake sale to raise money for the home. In total, we are donating $974. We are grateful to all who contributed and to those families who organized the bake sale.

At VBC we learned that God is good, and indeed he is.