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The Communion Rite

Below is a reflection of "The Communion Rite"  [sm_hr]Families and the Eucharist In the Communion Rite we step back and think about this great gift of Jesus which we are about to receive. We gather as unique individuals at the Mass, but when we pray The Lord’s Prayer, we remember that we come together…
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Liturgy of the Eucharist

Below is a reflection of "The Liturgy of the Eucharist."  [sm_hr]Families and the Eucharist Dinner reservations are often required when you go out to dinner at a nice restaurant. But when you come to the Eucharist, no reservations are needed. Service is given to every person who comes to the Lord’s Table with love…
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The Liturgy of the Word

Below is a reflection of "The Liturgy of the Word."  [sm_hr]Families and the Eucharist We like to listen to stories and tell them. Stories keep our memories alive and help us to think about people we love. In the Liturgy of the Word at Mass, we hear readings from Sacred Scripture. In the readings…
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