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Parish Plan Update

SMM Parish Plan Update - Priority Area: Youth/Young Adult
Update 2-22 Young Adults 1
SMM Parish Plan Update - Priority Area: Engagement
Update 2-22 Engagenment 1
Update 2-22 Engagenment 2
SMM Parish Plan Update - Priority Area: Spiritual Growth
Update 2-22 Spirtual Growth 1
Update 2-22 Spirtual Growth 2

A Message from Fr. Walsh:

In the Acts of the Apostles we read the following statement “The community of believers were of one mind and one heart.” Acts 4: 32. That brief statement describes the ideal parish. Perhaps it was a possibility in the very early days after the Resurrection and the descent of the Holy Spirit, but the contemporary parish in the US or elsewhere is a very different reality. Perhaps there are as many ideas and approaches as there are people in a parish.

A parish staff has the responsibility of attempting to put some focus into its members, to get them moving in the same direction, to have an overall goal in mind. Toward that end, a number of our parishioners have been working along side the Staff on an overall plan for St. Margaret Mary Parish. It is my hope this plan will help our parishioners deepen their own spirituality and become more united as God’s holy family.

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