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Looking to deepen your faith? consider Cursillo By the Grace of the Holy Spirit we are blessed to have a community of Cursillistas who are actively engaged in spreading the message of God’s Love to the world. Cursillo is a program that encourages Catholics to “bloom where we are planted” and bring the fruits of…
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Women’s Bible Study

Women's Fall Bible Study Why is Mary so important to Catholics, and why have so many people been devoted to her over the centuries? Dr. Brant Pitre examines what Scripture, the life of Christ, and the early Church fathers reveal about Mary. Join us to watch the series and deepen your relationship with the Mother…
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The Angelus

The bells in our bell tower ring the venerable “Angelus” on weekdays at 12pm and 6pm, and at 12pm on Saturday. This call to prayer encourages us to stop what we’re doing for a moment and say a short prayer. If you’re around the church at the times mentioned and hear our bells ringing, stop…
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