Spiritual Gems from Above

We are all called to holiness or godliness as Pope Francis tells us. It is an alluring path to the heart of God. It is a path where we find inner joy and peace. Deacon Nemsy Gubatan has chronicled his unique spiritual journey into a deeper relationship with Christ in his new book, Spiritual Gems from Above. Here he shares his adventures with “the chaperon” as they both try to unravel God’s beckoning to a life of total trust in his divine providence.  As they faced deportation from this country back to the Philippines, God’s divine intervention became evident. It is an exciting and tantalizing adventure of true love and sacrifice. It is an adventure to the heart of God which leads to the path of sanctification and holiness. 

The book is also filled with spiritually charged anecdotes of Christian messages that will strengthen your faith and replenish your hope. Time and time again you will find yourself returning to the manuscript to get a sense of the presence of God in your life. Deacon Nemsy’s book can be acquired online from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.