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Family Promise

Thank you to the families who provided meals for Family Promise participants this month during our “host week”.  Lately, we have only requested meals, as the families have been staying in local hotels. In September, we would very much like to host them in person at SMM as we have done for many years prior. …
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Food Pantry

Thank you to SMM parishioners for your overwhelming generosity in donating food for our pantry collections.  We support 4 agencies, including the Farmworkers of Apopka, that in total serve thousands of people in need. Undoubtedly, you have experienced some sticker-shock when you’ve gone grocery shopping in the last year.  Imagine the difficulty for a family…
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The Lazarus Ministry

On June 27, SMM Lazarus Ministry hosted 11 families from the In-Towne suites motel for dinner, games, fun, and community. Chef Al served pasta with sauce, salad, and breadsticks, for which he got two standing ovations (one for the delicious daily lunches we deliver to the motels). There was also an Ice cream sundae bar,…
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